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Imagine your having an amazing night at an epic party location. You just finished dancing your ass off to one of the best dj's in town and you realize the night has come to an end. You were so into your groove that didn't realize the two ravishing sex kittens undressing you with their eyes at the bar. They take a shot, smoke a cig, and the rest of the night unfolds!The two sex kittens would be none other then Dorothy Black and Cindy Dollar. They start kissing and all the blood goes from your feet and brain straight to you Johnson. They notice this and fuel the fire with the unveiling of their gorgeous breasts as they suck and nibble on each other with relentless passion. Next thing you know the girl's are having a late night snack right at the bar and their sweet pussy pie is on the menu, butterscotch and coconut flavored with all the trimmings. You think about doing a flying projectile super hero move and landing tongue first into Dorothy's sugary treat, but the girls beat you to it with a multitude of dildos in all shapes and sizes which they precede to plug themselves with on the bar stools in every hungry hole they have. That was just the warm up they tell you. You ready to take these girls home?