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We here at Hairy Twatter would like to introduce you to the best of both worlds today! One of our most exciting DDF Busty starlets Stella is gracing us with her furry little friend aka beautiful bushy punani! The lucky trail blazer is J.J. and he's in for one hell of a horny time!The 5'7" Czech beauty sports a pair of 34D's that are just beggin to be squeezed and slapped around, and her veegee is accented by a stylish, gem covered belt. Her pussy hairs are far and wide, all the better to mow down with your Jonhnson, and that's exactly what J.J. get's to doin. Unfortunately for J.J though, Stella will have nothing to do with him, that is until he breaks out the "Control a Women" remote control! Then she does anything he commands! A quick blowjob to put some lube in his gears is the first command, and then it's the baloney pony ride for Stella. The camera crews get right into the action and we have a quick intermezzo of gaping so we can see how pink Stella's treat really is underneath all the foliage! Looks like cotton candy in there! Some real nice drilling of her plump round ass from behind gets done before a hot squirt of cum lands right in her little jungle. Hairy Twatter has done it again!