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Sheila Grant is one fine looking woman. Now that she’s a blonde, she may be even sexier than ever! But blonde or brunette, she’s got that killer 36D-27-36 body, and a sultry face with grey eyes that grab you right by the balls--plus a sensual mouth you’d love to hear releasing moans and groans of satisfaction!Sheila meets us in the bathroom, wearing a skimpy lavender-and-black chemise that shows off her cleavage wonderfully. Thanks to Denys DeFrancesco and his masterful camera crews, we get lots of angles on that cleavage before Sheila finally takes down the bodice and sucks her own nipples. Then she pulls aside her thong and reveals her delectable pussy, before climbing into the tub for some bubbly fun.Sheila pulls her chemise back up so we get some wet fabric action over her tits, but soon she takes it off and gets completely naked. She rubs a bizarre blue plastic double-pronged toy against her jugs, then crams it into her pussy. This leads to some fine shots where Miss Grant leans over and presents us with horny sideboob views as well as an arousing vista of her equally impressive behind. Next Sheila takes out a sponge and squeezes soapy bubbles all over her tatas, bubbles which run down her torso in lickable rivulets. Hey, we’d lick the soap off her body and love the taste!! Then she takes out a bath brush and rubs it against her bazooms before leaning over and sticking it into her box. Wait till you see the shot where you can watch the brush going into her twat while her sexy face and knockers hover only inches away! If you don’t squirt then, you’re made of stone! As if this wasn’t enough, Sheila then gets on her knees in the water and presents her ass to us like the lost continent of Atlantis rising out of the foam! Naturally we also get even more incredible side views of her boobs in that position. What a feast for our horny hearts. Bravo, Sheila! Bravo, DDF!!