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Hungarian honey bunny Madlin stars in her first Hands on Hardcore scene with leading man Sabby in a set inspired by the ancient art of Asian massage! Keeping that ferocious body of hers in perfect condition is no easy feat, so a girl needs some attention on those aching body parts every now and again. For Madlin, all of her tension releases from between those creamy thighs, and Sabby knows just how to push her release button!Relaxing on the massage table Madlin enjoys an oil down, but the anticipation of a thumb pressing against her asshole is really getting to her. She knows this is Sabby's method, but she never knows when that little starfish of hers will be pressed, signaling the beginning stages of having a hard cock inside her tight little bud. Of course she wants that dick as stiff as it can be so she treats it to some lip service before having her asshole wet down good by Sabby's hungry tongue. Then it's doggy style in the salon as her stress haven is penetrated. Sabby goes balls deep inside her tight little sphincter in multiple positions, with juicy gaping of both love holes in-between.Closeups of her hole shows us that theirs not much wiggle room in there, must feel damn good! Reverse cowgirl gives us some pretty wicked shots of her smooth clam as well, looks like you could pop it right in your mouth and it would melt like a peppermint patty. Probably tastes like one too! After really fucking her tensions away good, Sabby aims his yogurt slinger onto her puckered anus and let's loose. Splat, all up on that! Now she can rub it in as an extra bonus protein pack!