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Today we take you on a trip to Heaven. A trip in which you may never want to return from. Guided by two of the finest Angel's we've ever set our eyes on. Welcome Blue Angel and Eve Angel, two of the most sensuous, and sexually sophisticated beings ever to grace our studios. The foreplay on the couch alone will have you creaming yourself before you even knew what happened.The girls really show us how they like to be treated before the big bang. The put the French in kissing, and we get incredible HD closeups of their perfect pink tongues working their magic on each other. One of the most amazing kissing scenes i've ever seen, hands down! The girls even lick each others armpits, and make it look so classy! Then they pull off their panties and stuff them inside of their beautifully shaven treasure boxes before getting down to some serious cunnilingus. The passion in their eyes is undeniable. We need more of this, much more!