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Valentina is summoned to attend to her lover and master. Wearing a collar she enters crawling at his beckoning commands. She wears a plastic see-through, short mini-dress that leaves nothing to be imagined and offers complete access to her full, round, heart-shaped buns! Steve intends to put his bride through some paces, paying particular attention to warming up those blossoming buttocks he so adamantly adores. Valentina pays plenty of attention to Steve's engorged cock on the way, languishing kisses upon it and sucking as passionately as she can before his next command. She rides his cock between peppering's of her perfect fanny and her marvelous, hairy mound is presented to us in a full splendor of HD. She endures the stinging applications of belt and flogger interspersed with an array of hand slaps knowing full well the pains and pleasures will end in a glorious orgasm for both of them!