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Hey there guys, I’m back and you’re right on time, Charlie just happened to stop back by. I’ve talked to him a couple of times but I haven’t seen him since, well the last time. I haven’t quite figured it all out but I think he has me on some type of schedule because just like the last time he came over he did this late night, early morning thing. Actually its kind of nice, I don’t have to deal with him all of the time and when he is here we both know what’s going down. I made Charlie a bowl of Fresh fruit. I like to make sure his stays healthy and strong, but Charlie, like most of you guys only had one thing on his mind. Okay, we only had one thing on our minds. I picked the pear up out of the bowl and started licking it as Charlie watched me from behind then I went over to him and we started kissing and caressing each others bodies all over. I kneeled down and started licking him and then I slipped in my warm wet mouth for a suck. I could feel his cock growing in my mouth as I slid his meat in and out. I reach down and started rubbing my pussy, it felt so good to be touched. I pet my warm soft kitty again and again as I continued sucking Charlie ever growing cock. I got my happy ass up on the counter and laid down on my side then Charlie stood up just beside me and I wrapped my lips back around his cock. I reach down and started rubbing my pussy, stroking myself up and down then I spit on Charlie’s cock and licked it all around before I sucked him off while making nasty sounds. Charlie pulled my panties to the side and started rubbing my twat and playing with my swelling clit, he slid his finger inside my horny pink hole and started moving it in and out. I pulled his cock from my mouth just long enough for a spit and a lick, then right back in it went and I started sucking him off once again. Then I did the unspeakable, Doggy on the counter, I’m such a bad girl then Charlie who wasn’t much better stood his ass up on the chair. I slipped his cock back in my mouth and started slurping and slobbering all over him, sucking his cock up and down, from his crown to his cum brewing balls. Charlie rubbed and played with my pussy as I was having my way with his cock then I got off the counter and kneeled down on the floor rubbing my cunt and bobbing my head up and down. Charlie put his foot up on the counter and I stroked and sucked him off from down below, I could feel his cock throbbing in my hand as I stroked him and in my mouth there was little room for air as I sucked. Charlie turned and leaned back against the counter and I sat up in the chair, I slid his cock in my mouth and resumed to suck and then I started playing with my wet and juicy cunt. I stroked Charlie’s cock up and down and licked and sucked him off from the bottom straight up then I jerked on his cock hard and strong while resting his throbbing dome on my warm wet tongue. Charlie shot his load off right in my mouth and then I licked and sucked his cock all over. Then I wiped his jizz from around my mouth and licked and sucked my fingers clean!