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It’s me Margareth and I’m back to let you in on my naughty little adventures. Last night I caught Michael looking at porn. He said he wasn't, but I know he was. This morning I went to work before he was even awake, leaving him without his early morning tease. Then next to his favorite coffee mug I left the blindfold out for him to see. I left him a note and also some of my panties, so he can sniff and read. When I got home he was ready, laying on the bed blindfolded with cash in hand. You see, in my note this morning I told him that if he wanted a piece of this ass, it was going to cost him his entire check, and he knows I mean every single bit of it. I always give him his money back, but never before I’m done with him. He knows he must keep that blindfold on until he’s ready to cum. I got on the bed and took some of his money but left him some to hold in his hand, then I began kissing him and stroking his long hard cock. I slipped his meat thermometer into my warm wet mouth, sucking, licking, and stroking him up and down. Then I got up on my knees and jerked him off while rubbing his body all over with my hand before slipping him back in my mouth again. He stuffed the rest of his cash in my bra then he reached down and started rubbing on my snatch. I slipped his dick back in my mouth, sucking him off as nasty as I knew how. Michael then unfastened my bra and pulled it down and started playing with my tits and nips. He sat down and I got into doggy and slipped his cock back in my mouth again, bobbing my head up and down while I slurped, slobbered and made nasty sounds. Michael started pulling my panties down and I laid on top of him in 69, slipping his thickness back in my warm wet mouth as he began playing with my wet puss. Michael got up on his knees with me just below then reached down and grabbed a fist full of my hair. He shoved his cock in my mouth and started fucking my face, pumping his cock in and out, aiming straight for the back of my throat as if there was a bull’s eye back there. Michael leaned back and I got into doggy, sucking his cock while I rubbed my pussy up and down. He took the blindfold off and I knew he had enough. I grabbed his cock and jerked on it as hard and as fast as I could. He took over jerking himself off as I opened my mouth and licked his throbbing cock’s crown. Michael hit me with a splattering shot all over my face and in my mouth and I quickly slipped him back inside, sucking, licking and stroking him up and down, making absolutely sure he had nothing left inside. I gathered up all his earnings just in case he thought I changed my mind, and then I fingered his cum from around my lips and neck and licked my nasty fingers clean.