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Frank M. plays a busy boss, whose employees must really like him because they arrange to send to his office a very special Easter present: Blue Angel as sexy cottontail, complete with a bottle of champagne and a bunny hand-puppet! Blue looks great and full of blue-eyed mischief in her black bra and panties, black peep toe pumps, and lacy thigh high nylons...and of course a pair of rabbit ears on top of her dark blonde hair. Blue gets Frank to kiss her feet through the stockings as he lifts his cock out. Soon she’s jacking it between the soles of her shoes. Then she takes off one pump and strokes him between her nylon sole and the bottom of a heel, before finally taking off the other shoe so she can concentrate on footjobbing him through the stockings. She gets his cock in the vise-like tightness of her soles and tugs from behind as she lays on her stomach on the desk. Putting the bunny puppet on her left foot, she then jerks him between that and her right nylon sole. Eventually her stockings come off, and Blue clamps his cock down against the desk with her soles. We then see her virtuoso exhibition of footjob skills in giant closeups thanks to the masterful cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews, a display which ends in a spray of cream all over her feet and one of the shoes! Now who's going to lick up that mess??