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When naughty school girl Bella wakes and finds herself tied up and bound to a bed, a struggle to free herself ensues. Unfortunately for Bella, her captors are watching and her struggle turns into cries as she get's a switching from a leather prod. With her panties down to her knees and her luscious round ass up in the air, who could resist?The room Bella is held captive in seems to be decorated with instruments of torture, as well as several lengths of rope, which could only mean that someone very kinky has her in their clutches. She moans and writhes as the skinny leather switch repeatedly peppers up her behind. After awhile we find Bella further restrained on her back with a bondage brace between her ankles, keeping her legs spread wide open and her beautifully shaven punani in full view. Another camera view reveals that she's been moved onto the iron frame and tied up with hands over head while a mysterious hand applies some lube to her glistening snatch. Bella's cries continuously fill the room, but as a pink masturbation device comes into play she must keep her mouth shut in order to keep it from being put inside. That was just a tease though as the device get's put inside her hot, wanting pussy, stimulating both her clit and g-spot at the same time, and giving her a constant state of orgasm.