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The United Kingdom has been chock full of playboy bunny material for DDF these days, and today we showcase two of our finest, Paige, and Isla. Both girls love the Taboo lifestyle, and their curves and attitude make all of the sets they are in, extremely memorable. Enjoy this one with lots of intricate rope play and domination!The sexy red-headed Paige is all dolled up in a black latex mistress outfit putting a rope around Isla's neck while she sits in a Victorian style chair. Isla's perfect figure really is a treat for our peeping eyes and wanting minds. Her perky tits and pierced nipple, the long colorful tattoo going from her ankle up along her leg to her hips, and that bitchy 100 yard stare that she uses to fuck us without even touching us, all sum up to some very anxious semen waiting to be released! Paige gets to work on the roping and has Isla completely subdued. Arms, ankles, even her breasts are in their very own little prison. Then it's time to stuff sexy Isla's pretty little shaved twat with a glass dildo, and tie it there, right below the tattooed initials of "FMG" Which stands for " Fuck Me Good! " Isla sits there in her red heels, bound with the dildo in her perfect puss, and Paige enjoying the sweet torture. I mean can you imagine, It's like having your dick dipped into the perfect babe, but you can't move, complete torture!