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Clanddi Jinkcego in an office situation! Can you imagine anything quite as sexy as finding this mega-mammaried French gal behind a desk when you arrive to pitch some sales, as lucky David Perry does? Looks like he’s trying to show Clanddi some lingerie, as she and her 34DDs stand up to dazzle Dave thanks to her low-cut pink blouse, which shows off the edge of her bra as well as a canyon of cleavage. Some playful action with an architect’s T-square follows, but soon it’s put aside as Clanddi reveals her sugar shelf in the hot pink boulder-holder. She lets Dave touch the undersides of her bra, but then she quickly takes charge of his cock, sucking him deeply as we get to see her tits almost spilling out of the bra. She gets on her knees to continue the blowjob, and Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture her from the best angles to show off that deep valley between her bells.Dave finally pulls down her bra and then dives in to lick her pussy for awhile, preparing her for his cock which Clanddi takes in the doggie style mode while leaning over the desk. Dave then joins her on the table, fucking her spoon-style so that we can continue to stare at the Jinkcego jugs as they jut over the cups of her bra. But when at last the bra comes off, Dave loses no time in straddling her chest and fucking those melons with his lengthy log.We get more hot shots of Clanddi sucking his prick, with her head leaning over the edge of the desk while her hooters hover in the background like a mountain range. Then they fuck in the desk chair for awhile, before they climb back onto the desk itself so Clanddi can squat on his meat and take it deep into her asshole. She does it all, and that butt sure looks ripe and juicy as Dave spreads it so he can plow her completely. More blowjob action follows after this, until finally Mr. Perry can’t hold back anymore and sprays a semen shipment all over Clanddi’s outrageous rack. You’ll love how hard her nipples get afterward, covered in his sticky cum!