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Linet is doing her wash by hand at a little pond, giving us little peeks at her tits in her loose blouse as she scrubs clothes with a brush and beats them with a paddle. A paddle, you ask? Yes, Linet must have gotten pretty naughty in those clothes and has to punish them! Or at least thatÂ’s one fantasy...anyway, she soon realizes the paddle feels good when she smacks it against her butt and sticks it between her cheeks. Getting into the pond, Linet soon opens her clothes so we can enjoy her delectable nudity as she plays with her pussy and spreads her butt. She sucks on the handle of the paddle, then sticks it in her snatch, masturbating herself in the water while the laundry is forgotten. Hell, we imagine a girl as good-looking as Linet can probably get any number of obedient slaves to wash her dirty clothes if need be! But as she stretches out on her tummy in the pond, her rump sure looks like a tempting target for a thorough spanking--or a load of creamy cum!!