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Tigerr Benson finds herself at the mercy of deviant doctor Frank Gun’s twisted imagination. Cuffed to an examination table, Tigerr watches as the doctor kisses and sniffs her feet. But this is mild compared to what happens next. Covering her face with a nylon stocking, he spanks her bare soles, then works them and her pussy over with a vibrator as well. Then he stuffs her clam with the thrusting dildo of a bizarre fucking machine while he gets down on the floor and licks her feet through his surgical mask. This doctor is into everything, all right. He plumbs her asshole with his thumb while the fucking machine’s purple dildo does Tigerr’s snatch. Then he gets up on the table and fucks her butt with his cock. Later he gets off the table but continues the ass-bang while the fucking machine’s dildo moves back and forth between her well-lubed soles. Then the medico switches his approach entirely and becomes almost submissive, getting down on his haunches and jacking off while Tigerr feeds him her red-polished toes. In a surprise move, she pees all over his face and hospital gown. So she's not as submissive as she seems! Doctor Gun gets so excited he jacks off his load onto her feet, then makes her lick up the mess. For a final touch, he binds Tigerr’s hands and ankles again at the end, and leaves her sitting naked in her own pee on the table, her feet still sticky from his load!