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Explore some VERY kinky territory with Emma Butt as she plays the role of a perverted psychiatrist who has her way with a patient in a straitjacket! Choky Ice plays the patient, and he’s at the mercy of this top-heavy medico who wears a black bustier underneath her white lab coat, and high-heeled platform sandals with leather straps up the calves. Emma has her helpless patient worship her legs in the shoes, kissing the gartered nude-colored stockings she also wears; then she sits on his shoulders and jacks his prick from behind, his arms immobilized under the straitjacket. Dr. Butt lays him on the floor and strokes his cock with her feet in the RHT stockings, then she stands over him and presses his dick down with her foot, lording her power over him.Relaxing a bit, Emma sits herself down on the chair and has Mr. Ice stand up so she can tug on his tool as it sticks out of his patient pants; then she lays him back down on the floor again and masturbates his meat in the doggie position, until he litters the bottoms of her stockings with his goo. It gleams obscenely on the surface of her nylons. Finally Dr. Butt sits over her victim and it looks as if she’s threatening to rub the creamy surface of her nylons on his face--but instead she licks up the spunk herself, before putting her bizarre shoes back on her evil feet.