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It finally becomes clear in this last stage of Dr. Nick Lang’s examination of his patient Kathia Nobili that his prescription is PENETRATION! And more PVC, as he gives her black gloves of that material to wear, so that she can feel the healing strength of his penis in her hands, amplified by the sensations of the PVC. He instructs her to stroke his shaft as thoroughly as possible, because that will increase her confidence as a woman, something that was wavering as a result of the various ailments that brought her to the clinic. But she is only priming the instrument which will deliver her ultimate cure! Next Dr. Lang gets her anus ready, with a black butt plug, for the soothing plunge of his fleshy rod, which first goes into her pussy and then is transferred into her ass while the black plug does its necessary work on her clitoral region. Dr. Lang knows that between the thrusts of his meat, and the snugness of the PVC stockings, gloves, and corsetry, he is helping his patient rediscover her sensuality, which has been buried under the rubble of her various neurotic troubles. He powers into her ass relentlessly on the examining table, in a double-penetration thanks to the help of the plug in her pussy, until finally she is a writhing mass of arousal that needs one final ointment for the complete cure: the natural ointment that comes when a woman gets on her knees before the transformative power of a prick which will spurt its soothing lotion. Kathia strokes and blows the good doctor with her black-gloved hands and dedicated mouth, and soon receives the puddle of goo in the middle of her gloved palm, an elixir which she laps up as prescribed by the doctor. And sure enough, she then receives her clean bill of health. Kinky medicine triumphs again!