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Today at the House of Taboo we have two Hungarian bunnies playing a nice game of blind fold and gag me, then stick a plug in my ass and spank me senseless! Nicole Smith plays the dominant role as Gloria get's her sense of sight taken from her and has her cheeks and asshole a****d by the dark haired dominatrix.Pink is the pleasure and pain color for the day as Gloria wears a pink blindfold, pink boy shorts, and pink wrist cuffs. Even the straps on her ball gag and the anal plug are pink. Nicole bury's her slaves face into her pussy and asshole before pulling out her ball gag and gagging her with the buttplug. Then she bends her over on all fours and slides the plug into her anus. This is followed by a series of spankings, and then her panties come back on to cover her ass and hold the plug in snug. The spankings go on relentlessly until Gloria's bottom is cherry red, and her cries have filled the room. This game isn't over yet though ladies and gentleman, not by a long shot. The good stuff is coming up in part 2!