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In part 1 of this wicked Girl on Girl House of Taboo set we had Nicole Spanking the bejesus out of Gloria. Really taking charge of that ass and making it beat red! In the exciting second chapter, it's all about domination! We open up with the raven haired sex goddess Nicole wearing a strap-on with realistic nuts, and her slave girl Gloria choking back on the detachable dick! Looks like someones gonna get fucked!Fucked right in her ass! Nicole plays no games, she goes right for the tight hole, working that dick like she owns it. The visions of her lovely tear drop titty's swaying back and forth while she imitates the motion of the ocean are enough to make us squirt alone. Could you imagine mounting Nicole from the rear while she's fucking away on Gloria? You'd have access to two sets of titty's and 4 hot buns! That's a feast right there! After several good pumps Nicole sets Gloria on top of her for a dildo ride and the closeups of her furry little clam are quite vivid while Nicole jams her asshole full of plastic prick. What's really hot is that you can see Nicole's tasty little shaven haven working it's magic behind the sheath that holds the strap-on. Almost like it's playing peek-a-boo with us. It wants to come out and play, you can almost feel it! Yes! That hot little treasure does come out, for a good old fashioned lick and digit dive from Gloria, who eats that pussy like it's her first meal of the day! Were left with the views of Gloria kissing and sucking on Nicole's feet, and both girls wet arses smiling back at us!