Dominated by the balls! [Part 1] - PornWorld

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Today on the House of Taboo we have a role reversal! It's usually the guys dominating the women, or the women dominating the women, but today the sultry dominatrix Mira Sunset is about to give Totti something hardcore to think about! Looking ravishing in her full body fishnet stocking with cut-out crotch area and platform pumps, the tall sleek blue eyed honey gets ready to inflict some pain to her male companion. First she massages her sleek bald beaver with the tip of her flogger. That pussy of hers looks like a mighty good midnight snack! As the camera pans out we see that Totti is hog-tied to a metal stool with a ball gag in his mouth. Mira works her way around him with her flogger and peppers up his ass while pulling on his dog collar. Then she pulls out the gag and has her slave worship her shiny high heels, urging him to lick. She's just warming up his tongue for the flicking of her pussy and asshole that follow. He munches down vigorously on the gourmet treat while Mira enjoys flogging him. Totti seems to want to mouth off though, and is ungrateful for the dessert he was just served, calling Mira a fucking bitch. Bad choice! Ball gag goes back in his mouth, and he gets his meat and potatoes tied in a noose while Mira smacks his nuts up! But wait! Then she treats him to a bunghole tongue lashing! Dirty little girl. After a few more spanks she strokes and sucks his flaccid dick while pulling on the rope it's attached too. When she's had her fill, she leaves, with the promise that she will be back. Stay tuned for part 2!