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Cucumbers and tight juicy assholes is the name of the game today as two of our sensational cuties from the Russian Federation show us exactly how they like their salads tossed! It all starts with a friendly bout of grab ass and before you know it the kitchen has turned into an inferno of butthole pleasures and greens!You can feel the lust and passion of these two horny brunettes as they wait for their green date! You see, with all the craze in biodegradable and sustainable ways of living the girls have found the golden ticket to helping out the earth while quenching the need for anal sex. They warm each other up with a good finger banging first. The DDf camera crews roll right on up to their sphincters, showing us how amazingly tight and tasty they look in full HD! Then it's stretch time as Lindsey fucks Nataly's bung hole to orgasm while tickling her clit. Nataly's nipples are stiff as could be signifying the extreme horny state that this has provoked in her. Switching things up it's now Lindsey's turn to take the green date in her pooter, face down, ass up, then again in missionary! For one final and amazing treat for their vegetable date the girls skewer themselves anally on either end of the bio treat till it practically disappears as they massage their little pearls to orgasm and fill the room with a symphony of audible pleasure! Thought it was over? Think again, we are talking bio here! Now it's time to consume the hot date, and leave no trace behind!