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Newcomer Alyssia Loop got off to a great start when she first appeared a few weeks ago in a girl-girl set with Aneta J., eliciting comments from our members like “very pretty woman” from M93ksJJ29dke and “WOW So sexy Please Please Please can we have more soon?” from joe3344. Well, your wish is our command, guys, and here is Miss Loop again, this time in her first solo. Starting off in a pretty red-and-black dress, she quickly doffs the frock and shows us her wonderful lacy red bustier and matching panties. Alyssia wears sheer black stockings attached with red garters, too. Our DDF cameras capture every move of this delightful Czech beauty as she peels down her scanties to show us her butt and pussy while teasing us all the while with her shapely stems.Alyssia puts her legs together, then spreads them widely. In one great closeup we can see her toenail polish through the dark stockings while the sunlight from a nearby window caresses her foot. Alyssia sucks and kisses her toes through her nylons, and then she slowly peels them off, tantalizing us as she pulls on the stocking with her toes. She finally gets both stockings off and curls and flexes her feet at us, showing her wrinkly soles. She sucks her bare feet some more, running her tongue over and between the bright red-pink polish on her nails. In fact, if you love to watch a girl feast on her own feet, this is definitely the set for you. Then at the end, Alyssia slips her naked feet back into her strappy sandals and smiles a sweet goodbye!