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Paige shows herself to us in an elegant room suffused with golden light. She wears a maroon lace bra and thong as well as black peep toe heels, posing in a doorway and sitting in a chair as she slowly unveils her 38F bosom. Once the bra comes off she flirts with her titties alternately covering them up and revealing her pale beige nipples. Of course she’s also got a complex array of tattoos all over her body so you get to enjoy those as well. Paige lowers her thong and shows us her butt and her little patch of red pubic hair above her box. She squeezes her tits together playfully leaning in the doorway again and then looks at us very seriously almost as if she's thinking that we've been bad boys to be staring at her boobies so much! But we can't help it can we? Paige kneels on the floor and gives us some great naked sideboob shots then lays on her back and thrusts her pelvis up almost as if she wants someone to get in there quickly and give her a hot lick or two.