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Meet newcomer Maserati, a busty Jamaican-American hottie from the United States! After showing off her shapely legs and bare size 8.5 feet in strappy sandals, she is joined by the lucky stud Mugur who sniffs her shoes and then massages her peds. While he's sucking her toes, she rubs his dick through his pants, and then he lays a towel across his lap, takes out some creamy lotion, and rubs it into her beautiful chocolate skin until her feet and legs are slick and moist. But Mugur has a surprise for Maserati--when he lifts the towel, he's got a big boner, which Maserati immediately rubs between her silky soles.The lenses of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews come in close to capture Maserati's pink-polished toenails glistening as she gives Mugur a footjob, and then as she switches her position to take his dick into her mouth. The whole time, of course, we in the audience are given many great camera angles on her naked feet.Getting behind her, Mugur fucks Maserati while her toes and soles flex in the foreground in front of us. Then she sits over him on the couch and jacks his cock from behind, before sitting her pussy down on his pole so that he can fuck her some more and play with her 36H tits. Meanwhile, we are given many opportunities to observe Maserati's feet on the floor, before she lays back on the couch and takes his cock in her cunny while cramming her feet in his mouth. It all ends in a big creamy finish as she foot-jacks him to a load that coats her insteps. Now who's going to clean up that mess??