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Out in the forest primeval where the air is clear and the squirrels roam free, comes on Friday 4/6/12 the hardy woods woman Zuzana Z. Looks like those squirrels have lucked into a free show today, because once Zuzana puts aside her chainsaw and picks up the axe, things shift from forestry to fanny fucking! Taking off her khaki skirt and tugging down her green panties, our girl is soon cramming the axe handle up her hindquarters, even as her pussy lips splay apart like a most exotic blossom. She really does have a very lickable and munchable pair of cunny flaps. Well, we’ve seen girls take a lot of things up their behinds, but this is the first time we’ve witnessed a long wooden axe handle! Positioning herself on the stump of a tree for maximum leverage and enjoyment, Zuzana gets herself pretty worked up but doesn’t forget to give us a nice pussy show at the same time. We heard Smokey the Bear was working overtime to prevent blazes when he saw all the heat Zuzana was generating on the leaves and grass!