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Another wondrous Hairy Twatter adventure unfolds when J.J. decides to call an ad in a newspaper for a gir that comes with a bushl. Extremely curious he cannot wait to see what kind of surprise is coming his way. When she arrives at his home he asks about the bush and almost like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, she peels her underwear to the side and presto! A very hairy pussy indeed! Mr. J.J is extremely turned on by this and continues to undress his prize!Alex really get's things going with a hot blowjob and unleashing of her luscious melons. J.J gets to devouring them and suddenly we also see that Alex keeps some floss in her armpits as well! A truly natural beauty indeed! Soon her fur-burger is being stuffed with salami before she pops on top for a bronco ride! Her moans are like a sexual soundtrack coupled with the sound of her bum slapping onto J.J's thighs. Once she's been drilled good and plenty, J.J. pops his stuff all over her whisker biscuit and calls it a day!