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Dasha entertains Nick Lang with her socks as he stops by her apartment and they immediately fall into a passionate clinch. Dasha looks super-cute in her red tank top, yellow panties, and red-orange ankle socks, but even as Nick is kissing her and getting her young body all steamy, she is aware of us in the audience, and she’s constantly looking over with a smile and sticking her feet in our direction. After getting her pussy sucked by Nick, and blowing his cock in return, Dasha lays her socked peds across his meat and jacks it. Then she teases him with one socked foot and one bare foot while he stands over her with his dick jutting in her direction.Dasha rides and throats his prick some more, then pulls off her second sock so Nick can suck on both sets of her bare toes. His shaft is deep in her pussy as he worships her feet. Then the blonde angel lays on her stomach with her pretty butt facing toward us, and she sucks his dick and flexes her soles. Moments later she pulls Nick’s face into her crotch with her thighs. Then she footjobs him for awhile, takes his johnson back in her snatch, then sucks him some more; until finally Nick blasts a huge load of cream all over her soles, which Dasha then shows off to us with a smile.