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Here comes Sapphire all dressed up like what I would perceive to be a futuristic stuardess, for a rocket ship heading to the planet 32F Naturale, where all the babes have big, pillowy, perfectly natural breasts! Her outfit is a shiny PVC skirt and thigh high matching boots, accompanied by a PVC cut-off top, gloves, and hat complete with flight insignia. We seem to have caught her in a very horny state, looking so ravishing that if you listen closely, you'll hear all the DDF members boners popping simultaneously!This stunning babe from Great Britain has the typical Betty Page pin up model Physique, voluptuous in every way, and she's so damn horny! She tries to fan her buttercup with the skirt, as it's on fire with desire, but soon she finds herself finger banging that tight little shaven box as she massages her awesome tittys and flaunts her long legs in the air. This babe is something else! She takes it to the ground so we can imagine our selves rockin her like a hurricane while she gasps, moans, and spanks that righteous twat of hers. Then it's the big "O" as her digits (Aka our tongues) furiously dive in and give her the release she's been waiting for!