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Sometimes an artist’s best canvas is herself! This seems to be the message of Madlin’s new set. Standing at her easel in her pretty blue plaid shirt, blue denim miniskirt, and backless heels, she starts off painting a picture but ends up painting herself. Opening her clothes so we can see her cleavage and her panties, she quickly reveals her puffy nipples, meaty snatch, and plump tush. Then she runs the paintbrush over her flesh, dabbing it across her titties and crotch. Sticking the brush in her mouth, she displays her work-in-progress: her nipples half-covered by light blue paint. Taking down her thong, she runs the brush over her inner thighs and over the slopes of her butt cheeks. Leaning over in the doggie style pose, she’s a real masterpiece! This is the kind of exhibition we’d like to see at our local museums!