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What better way to start off this particular February week than with a visual Valentine from one of our favorite vixens, Joanna Bliss? This Romanian hottie is a true fan favorite, eliciting comments such as these on the site: “Oh my god she is back, I love her looks and body so much!” from strootie; or “Her body is sooooo sexy!! And I love the way she looks and smiles at the camera during her videos” from thunderboom; or “I imagine being cuddled by her and looking up into those alluring eyes as she suckles me at her heavenly breasts” from babeslave. Well, we can’t improve on those comments! They hit the nail right on the head with this 36H-27-39 bosom legend. For her new appearance, Joanna is dolled up in a lacy black-and-red bustier, matching stringy thong, and rich red lipstick that really brings out the color of those green eyes. Our DDF cameras capture her as she showcases her bounteous cleavage as it almost, but not quite, spills over the top of her corsetry. Wouldn’t you just love to nuzzle your face in that warm valley between those bells? By Jupiter, it’s hard to concentrate enough to write while looking at Joanna’s jugs and knowing, from her eyes, that she wants us to get excited and stiff and squirty!! Here is a model who clearly understands our need to worship and savor her awesomeness!Because as thunderboom noted in his comment, Joanna is really inviting to us not just with her body but with her attitude and expressions, and in this new pictorial and HD video she entrances us once again into her happy orbit as she finally unveils her melons and serves them up to our eyes from every possible position. Standing, sitting, laying down; squeezing her boobs, letting them sway, and pressing them down against her blanket; you’ll feel like you’re right there, the sole recipient of her magnificent show, as she gets completely naked to display every inch of her glorious nudity to stimulate and satisfy the desires of her countless fans worldwide!!