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Kitty poses for us in her plaid skirt, knee socks, and strappy heels, looking like a flirty college girl in the mood to tease the cum out of all her professors! To say that Kitty has a sexy derriere is an understatement, and as she takes us underneath the hem of her teeny skirt, we see her firm cheeks bisected by a pretty thong. She slides her skirt down so that it hugs the edge of her bottom, and then she shows us her titties and pussy too. But the real spectacular shots come when she stretches out on the couch and angles her posterior at us, a truly lovely round shape. The cameras of Denys DeFrancesco and his crews capture it in all its stunning allure! Then Kitty slides her thong down to her ankles and concentrates on getting us excited over her snatch and asshole, tugging apart her cheeks. Closing her eyes, she looks as if she’s imagining all the things we’ll want to do to her bottom! From spanking to screwing to licking, the list goes on and on.