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Newcomer Judy Smilz returns in part 2 of her debut in a sauna! This slender young redhead with the sexy boyish body--except for that tasty pussy, of course!--lays around on the bench with the wooden ladle you find in saunas, and as the white towel slips off her nakedness, it occurs to her (like a light bulb above her head) that this ladle could serve as her proxy prick! Soon she’s sucking it, and then she’s stretched out on her back and rubbing her pretty twat with the handle, sliding it into her girlie blossom. Closing her eyes, the young vixen opens her legs very wide for the ladle, then gets on her knees to do herself doggie style. Judy presents us with a lot of options for loads--looking at her whole body, at her pink stuffed labia, or the brown-eyed sweetness of her face!