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Leanne Crow takes a shower for us, and while she’s getting clean, chances are we’re going to be getting messy--if you know what we mean, and we’re sure you do! Drop those socks, gentlemen, and grab those cocks as Leanne flashes us her 34H cleavage while standing in front of a bathroom mirror. She grins as she unveils her boobage in her flowery bra cups--which have to be industrial strength to hold up those gigantic melons! Leanne takes down her boulder-holder and wraps the straps around her jugs so that they jut out like two rogue planets that have wandered into our solar system! She squeezes her tits together with her forearms, then turns around and shows us her butt too. Lifting up her glands, she presents them to us in all their hefty glory, and we bet everybody in the audience is going to want to jump into her pictures and give them a good lick.Then it’s time for Leanne’s shower. She closes the clear glass door and wets herself, which leads to the most startling images in the set as she presses her glands against the glass until they look like tittie pancakes. Then it’s back to her cleansing activities, using the faucet attachment to anoint her rack with needle spray. Leanne lifts up her shelf with her forearm for an easier rinse.Then out comes the soap. She rubs it across her boobs until they glisten, even as she pulls down her panties. Oh yes, we didn’t mention that before--Leanne takes this shower with her panties on! A unique approach. Famous as a model who never shows her crotch in photos, she’s taking no chances even in this setting. Smiling at us as her panty elastic squeezes against her rump and makes it jut out as much as her boobs, she rinses her body while making sure we don’t get a glimpse of that holy clam! Well, maybe she doesn’t ever reveal her cunny because she wants us to keep concentrating on her boobs--as if we ever needed to be pointed in THAT direction!!