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Sapphire returns in a solo where she shows off her long legs in thigh high sheer black stockings. Posing for us on her black patent pumps, she gives us generous views of her big tits and her round butt, with her pearls sliding down between her cheeks. In fact, Sapphire actually seems to be sort of chained up by all her pearls, in an unusual fashion statement. What role is she playing? A wealthy man’s semi-nude sex pet? Let your imagination roam over the possibilities as you explore her body with your orbs.Sapphire bites at her pearls, then runs them between her cunny. She soon takes out a golden bullet vibrator and rubs it between her legs. She nibbles on her pearls some more, slides the vibrator along her calves, and then sits down on the floor, takes off her shoes, and presses the toy between her nylon-covered soles. Soon it finds its way into her pussy too, as she leans back and closes her eyes in rapidly mounting pleasure. Some of the best shots are when she’s kneeling at the end in the doggie style position, with the toy sticking out of her snatch. What is Sapphire up to here? The tempting erotic mystery is all part of the fun!