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Boy are you in for a triple threat today! Last week on Euro girls on girls we had Gina B. showing us just how freaky she can get when it comes down to the opposite sex. Well you haven't seen anything yet! She invites her girlfriends Zafira and Peaches over for a little late night nuzzlin and her living room turns into a sexually satisfying sanctuary for the three starlets!We open up with the vixens snuggling on the couch with a look of pent up desire on their faces. Zafira gets the initial treatment from both girls, having her neck softly kissed and her pussy caressed by Peaches while Gina tweaks on her hard nipples. Deny's crew dives in for some sweet HD shots of her glistening flower and before you know it, Gina is in the middle getting her luscious sweater meat double teamed by the girls. Each girl digs a digit into her dollhouse while sucking on Gina's goody goody gumdrop nipples. Then Peaches gets some face plant action and licks the savory juices from Zafira's tasty twat. The toys then come out and the girls perform a symphony of sexual maneuvers on one another that includes anal dildo-ing, salad tossing, double dildo dick down, and pussy pancaking! A smorgasbord of sensual fun!