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Tracy Gold is really cute. This sexy young blonde debuted on our site a few weeks ago and returns in part 2 of her splish-splash pool pictorial and HD video. This time Tracy has a sidekick, a little yellow rubber ducky. Wow the places that he gets to go! Although maybe we shouldn’t assume it’s a male duck. Could be a gal duck! In any case a LUCKY DUCK!! Tracy rolls around in the pool and lets the toy suck her nipples, rub against and inside her pussy, and in general have a sexy time in the sun. That duck really has a shit-eating grin and no wonder! Thousands of people online are going to look at Mr. or Ms. Ducky and envy the experience of being in that pool with Tracy’s killer bod, amazing behind, sunny smile, and pretty tits! Some ducks have all the luck! Tracy Gold is definitely this week’s choice for perky pool companion!