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In the Nick Lang and Kathia Nobili household, their is no tolerance to disobedience. They are enjoying a coffee time and conversation when their new maid, Tigerr, comes in at the wrong time and gets lashed out at by Nick. He becomes quite infuriated as does Kathia and the Maid is pushed down to the ground to receive her various forms of punishment.Tigerr is spanked, choked, has her hair pulled, smacked, mouth gaped open, and spit on all in a matter of a moment! These two are like a hurricane when it comes to domination and humiliation! Nick holds her tight by the neck while Kathia binds her hands with red twine, after smacking sweet coconuts up and pinching her big nips. Then to add some more disgrace to the humiliation, Tigerr is bent over the couch and made to like Kathia's shoes while Nick peppers her big ass up with his hand, spanking it till it's beet red! Kathia joins in for a bit and then Nick get sup and folds Tigerr over like a lawn-chair. He pinches her nipples really hard while Kathia plugs her nose and mouth so she can't breath! This is just the beginning, see what happens in part 2 in a few days!