Man and his master! [Part 3] - PornWorld

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Were back again with the final set of "Man and master" starring the buxom U.K. dominatrix Emma Butt and her pet in training Frank Gun. Last we left these two Emma had just finished giving Frank a generous helping of her shaved snapper, or shall we say, she made him an offer he couldn't refuse! He's back out of his cage here, so let's see what else Emma has in store for him!Well it looks like someone needs to empty their bladder, and it man's best friend! Emma squats over the little doggie dish and takes a mean squirt inside. Hmmmm, wonder why she did that! It turns out she had a reserve tank in her as she pops up on top of the cage and pisses all over Frank's face while he happily licks it up! Then, she pours the dish of golden liquid all over his hungry face, practically blinding the slave with her hot urine.It turns Frank on so bad that he jerks himself off! Then the two share a urine soaked French kiss and have looks of total glee upon their faces! Fuuuuu, to each his own!