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Anais Hills and Kora enjoy a mutual massage session! Between Kora’s 36DDD/E mams and Anais’s 42C bells, you’ve got SEVENTY-EIGHT INCHES of mighty chest-flesh to stun your senses. We really like the shots in the beginning when they’re still in their towels and lounging over the outdoor massage table. Their cleavage sure looks inviting that way! Then Kora lays down, opens her towel, and Anais squirts oil on those enormous gazongas. We see in tight closeups how thoroughly she kneads them, rubbing the nipples and the soft heavy sacks. Kora gets a glazed look in her eyes as she’s obviously thoroughly enjoying herself. Anais, taking her own towel down, leans over and presses her tits on Kora’s, then sucks Kora’s nubs before feeding her own nipples into Kora’s mouth. Although it looks as if she’d simply like to lay back and just be serviced all day, soon Kora returns the favor and gets up to suck Anais’s nipples. Then she stands up and fucks Anais’s pussy with a bright red dildo, while spreading Miss Hills‘s pussy with her sharp red fingernails. Anais really gets off on the toy, especially in the doggie position. Kora rests her big tits on Anais’s butt as she works the toy in and out of the Hills pussyhole. Then Kora places the vibrator in her cleavage and thrusts her chest forward to fuck Anais’s snatch. More tit sucking follows and then they happily cuddle at the end.