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Mistress Paige is just enjoying a leisurely afternoon in her estate with her favorite submissive, Sapphire. Mistress Paige couldn't figure out what to do with her gal today, so she ordered up some cigarettes to smoke while she contemplates what kind of dastardly a***e she could wreak onto her blonde, big boobed babe from Great Britain.After ogling her gorgeous mams that look like they are ready to serve milk, she decides to ash her cigarette out right on her tongue for starters. She then blows a nice puff of smoke right into Sapphires grill and pulls her by the leash. Right into spanking position she goes and the mistress lets the flogger fly right onto her taut ass cheeks leaving red whelps everywhere. The sight of Sapphires long, curvaceous legs adorned in black stockings and 6' platforms is a feast for the eyes! Get your fill of that image though, because the mistress has other plans, such as mouse trap tittie twisting! looks pretty darn sadistic to me! And it's only the beginning!