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Do you like trouble? Well, Isla may actually be the sweetest girl in creation, but when you view her pictures you definitely get the idea that she wants to look like a hardcore femme fatale. Between the hallucinogenic flower-like tattoos that crawl up the right side of her body, and the inked slogans “Love is pain” on her left forearm and “A man’s ruin” underneath her left tit (which has a nipple piercing that looks like a bear trap) she certainly projects a LOT of bad girl image. In her first appearance for us, Isla strips down to her black bra, black thong, and black bootie heels. She’s got a face similar to that of the supermodel Gisele Bundchen, although Isla's hair is raven black; and she gives us a complete tour of her tight body, opening her shaved pussy, squeezing her tit with its menacing nipple jewelry, and kicking her legs up and wide. She’s got beautiful eyes and a warm smile that suggests she might not be such a bad ass after all! See what you think when you look at Isla.