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Today we have a very sexy new member joining the DDF team from France who is part of an elite force of special ops starlets. Welcome Nasta Zya as she graces us with her sun-kissed beauty and a body that is completely built for sin. Dressed in commando booty shorts, combat boots, and a camouflage bikini underwear set, she's here to deliver us straight to cum city, right after a refreshing beverage of her very own liquid gold!The blonde haired babe seductively reveals for us her juiciest body parts, starting with her Perky, firm breasts that seem to scream "suck me, please!" Her erotic gaze peers right into our horny souls and in our minds weve already fucked her a hundred times. But that my friends is her special ops training taking hold of you right there. Slowly luring you in and leaving you mindless with only thoughts of her filling your conscious and subconsciousness. Next it's that caboose of a rear she's sporting that will weaken your defenses even further and have you dreaming of that face down, ass up position that allows you drop the hammer straight into punani palace. A couple tattooed wings above her derriere represent her para trooper status, but not in the way you may think. The "P" in para stands for something else, as you will soon see. Now only the very highly trained commando will be able to resist the sight of Ms. Nasta's lovely bird. Most of you, and don't be ashamed because it's totally natural, will start wankin on your willies at first site of her gorgeously trimmed veegee. Either that or you'll start chewing on your own tongue, believing that it's in your mouth, like I did. A delectable morsel of pussy that needs a good noshin on a regular basis, and is in a specialty food category all of it's own. Of course a good meal deserves a refreshing beverage to wash it down with and that's when our lovely operative gives you the goods. She pulls back the hood of her sweet clam and trickles a stream of warm liquid gold to quench our thirsts. The closeups are wonderful here and leave nothing to the imagination as were put within drinking range of her invigorating pee. Bottoms up troops, it's time for a shot glass or two of the golden goods!