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Meet newcomer Becky Holt as she poses for us in a long red glamorous dress and black strappy wedgies. Lifting up her frock, she unveils lacy high-waisted panties that are nicely molded to Becky’s derriere. Taking off the dress, she shows us the rest of her body as she slides the underwear down. She has a pair of perky tits with button-like nipples, and more than a few tattoos adorning her epidermis, including an artistic configuration over her pubic mound that extends right down to the top of her shaved slit. Becky's waist is also very narrow and alluring as she poses with her hands on her hips and her panties at the top of her thighs. Miss Holt displays herself on a staircase, very much like a modern day pinup as she lets us enjoy the sight of her long legs and that shapely behind. She also has a mane of wavy, curly tresses that fall down with abandon to her shoulders and give us a hint that this is one free-spirited gal!