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In her exclusive interview on our site, newcomer Oliviya Dis--who is returning for part 2 of her debut pictorial--says that doggie style is her favorite position. She gives proof positive of that and much more! Oliviya is completely nude except for her strappy heels, and preoccupied with a humongous purple vibrator. She sucks it, kisses it, crams it into her pussy and strokes up a storm, clutching at the sheets as her cunny goes into orgasmic overdrive. She lays back on the bed and screws herself that way for awhile, but then gets even more inspired on her knees in the bow-wow mode as she stuffs her asshole with the toy. It sticks out like a tail, and she smiles happily at us before getting back into her masturbation head and returning to her explosive antics--which culminate in more climaxes and a startling gape that really shows you how deep her butt can take it!!