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When Franco Roccaforte makes a house call to help out damsel in distress, Lena, he brings with him his pet one eyed bandit to collect payment! Lena seems to prefer this payment method and is greeting her dark one eyed guest with reckless abandon in no time at all as her juicy juggs come out to watch the stuffening of her sexy lip-sticked mouth!Great closeups follow as the fat monster pops in and out of Lena's kisser, which is only able to partially enjoy the warmth of the beef injection due to it's girth. Well, no problem! You see, Lena has a friend with her too which can collect provide full payment. Her hairy hole! She displays the sexy weed for us while nuzzling on Franco's nuts. We can see the juices starting to gather at it's entrance, but somehow the hairy hole never get's its chance! Well you can blame it on the rain, the candy rain that is! Lena's greedy mouth ends up never letting go of the one eyed cyclops and it's two sacks of semen, and before she knows it she's got cum dripping from her chin! Oh well, maybe next time her hairy friend will enjoy a good cock sandwich. For now, we can dream about it, since we can't see her little friend get stuffed!