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Young college girls, ripe for new experiences with their strong, eager bodies, will always be popular among erotic icons in the fantasies of men! And here is a new coed to pitch a tent in your trousers: Sunny! Like so many young women today, she makes her fashion choices with a combination of the innocent and teasing: mary jane style shoes, white nylon knee sox, and incredibly short plaid skirt! The word is simply WOW. Posing for us in a seminar room where no doubt only a little while ago she was concentrating hard to take an examination from some stern near-sighted middle-aged professor, Sunny is now back to being her vivacious, fun-loving self, sitting on a table and taking off her clothes bit by bit to reveal a bra and panties that are last word in colorful cuteness, and a shaved pussy that looks as if it tastes like strawberry ice cream. Fixing her big blue eyes and her wide smile on us, Sunny shows us everything from her sweet little titties to her warm round tushy to her tight pink veegee. And that bottom is sooooo spankable...yep, Sunny’s HOT!!