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Our lovely Amirah is on the run, but she doesn't get far before Bruno of the CDC (Cum Draining Crew) catches up with her and puts her in a quarantine facility to investigate the gushing that's been reported from the proximity of her tasty little shaven tart. You get an insider's view on the CDC techniques as Amirah is strapped down in a plastic covered room and Bruno goes in to dabble with her dandelion. What he encounters is a gushing faucet of peach juice. Pour us a cup Bruno, looks like there's enough for everyone!Amirah is strapped down good! Two across her chest, two across each thigh, and her calves and wrists also restrained. She's not going anywhere, but somehow, she doesn't seem worried. Perhaps it's the pink and white toys surrounding her. A long double ended dildo, some G-spot jammers, and a big white vibrating massager. Bruno comes in doning his yellow suit and begins to pepper up her gorgeous little clam with a couple of spanks and a slap with his tongue before giving her the works with the massaging head. Amirah bucks back and forth wildly as her twat gets the treatment. Some lubrication added for easy access to the G and the fingers go in to assist the vibrator. No gushing yet. Hmmmm, could the reports be wrong? A precision tool is needed, so a teal colored mini vibe comes into play, but it still doesn't do the trick. That's okay, plenty of toys left, and Bruno has got to be enjoying the caressing of Amirah's hot young body. He jam's the pink toy into Amirah furiously and push's down on her belly. She moans and writhes! Stand back folks, she's gonna blow---Fantastic! Her hot silky juices flow, and once they get going going, it's a multitude of finger bangs and fuckings with the large pink double ended dildo that drain Amirah of all her peach juice. At the end of the Quarantine Amirah is unbound, but does not resist at all when Bruno ties her down again. She's down with round two, and doubling her pleasure!