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Barbie Night, also known as Barbie White, is a great model for us to start the week with on Monday 2/27/12, as she returns in part two of her appearance from earlier in February. And this time she’s got a wondrous pink remote control vibrator to satisfy the needs of her lovely, delectable, completely shaved pussy. Just imagine coming upon a naked Barbie as she lounges on her couch, waiting to perform for you by satisfying herself! Our girl is naked from tip to toe except for her strappy heels, and she smiles as you get closer to take a look at that pristine little peach just waiting to be pleasured by the latest wonder of Sex Toy Science. Rubbing the petite pink vibe against her titties, she then slides it down into her eager juicy plum. She thrusts the missile all the way into her hole and lets it throb there between her flowery cunny lips while she controls it with the handset and rubs her clitty with another special attachment. And then she goes to town on her twat until she explodes. Whew! Hot stuff. The only question is: who will cum first, Barbie or us??