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Rebecca Jessop, the incredibly busty 5'10" babe from the United Kingdom shows off her fetish appeal! Miss Jessop starts out in a red and black lace bustier that spotlights her amazing 32I cleavage, which she lets us study at the same time that she parades around her long legs in red nylons on leopard print pumps. Rebecca gives us some great butt views as we study the seams in her stockings, then she sits down on a low wooden table and teases us thoroughly with her gams in many positions--spreading her thighs, stretching out her stems, standing over us, and sitting pretty like a pinup. No matter what kind of pose you like to see a leggy lass in, it’s captured in this set of pix and video by Denys DeFrancesco and his talented camera crews! Rebecca stands on the table and peels down her panties, then leans back and dangles her heels. When her shoes come off, she presses her nylon soles together as we see her pussy. Her red-polished toes look so inviting as she lifts them toward us. Finally Rebecca takes down her bustier so we can be tantalized by her nude tits as well as her toes. Then she undoes her garters and peels off the nylons, running the stockings across her breasts as an appetizer before giving us the big tease with her bare toes. She leans against the table, presenting her naked soles to our faces for ultimate worship. This sure is a total tease, from tits to toes--so thanks, Rebecca!