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Introducing another newcomer from the Czech Republic Lucie V! AT first glance the on-looker has a tendency to be mesmerized by this beautiful specimen of a woman. Gorgeous blonde lochs and gray eyes are what grab a hold of you first, and then your encapsulated by the radiating warmth that comes from her smile.Of course it's not that far after that you see the smokin hot body this Eastern European beauty has sculpted for herself over the years. Boobs that are like fruits from the heavens and thighs that make you want to crouch at her heels, look straight up those legs, and beg for a ride. Selling your soul for one if you have too! Especially with the plaid skirt and stockings she is wearing. The camera shots that glide up the back of her heels, calves, thighs, and right into the cusp of her juicy ass crack really send fireworks to the nether regions. Sheer perfection.