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Nikita is feeling more than a little frisky as she hangs around her apartment in her bra, panties, and curlers. Yes, curlers! Are you one of those guys who has a fetish for a girl in curlers? Then you’ll be in stroke-off heaven!But even if you’re not into curlersexuality, you’ll find Nikita a tempting treat as she walks around her kitchen in her heels and the mass of rollers on her noggin, showing off her great little bod. Looking through her refrigerator, she takes out a long green vegetable--looks like a zucchini--and obviously starts having lascivious feelings toward it as she rubs it on her tongue, titties, and finally slides it underneath her panties to penetrate her pink. She keeps acting as if she wants to give it a blowjob too, but obviously her twat gets first dibs on this green dong because as soon as she peels down her panties, Mr. Zucchini gets well-crammed into her womanly portal, and Nikita closes her eyes in ecstasy under those curlers!